Wednesday, 19 October 2011

Minnie Moo spends his day staring at the wall

I feel a little woozy today as I've spent way too long staring at the wall contemplating life without those crunchy critters, Friskies.

This thought weighed heavily on my mind and brought me back to the days in the 'hood before I found M and took over her life.

I was on a diet of left over pizza, rain water was my drink of choice.  In the summer months I got creative and slurped from the local public swimming pool (yucko chlorine).  Funny how even in those tough lean times I still managed to put on a few extra kgs or lbs as my USA fiends (oops sorry friends) say.

So when M rattled the box and let those Friskies flow into an empty ice cream tub (still with a hint of hokey pokey, I know you'd think she could have arranged a "proper" bowl) I just knew my gourmet life was on the up.

Now all I had to do was wait for the tell-tale sound of Friskies falling out of the box, eat noisily & enjoy, but little did I know that in our animal kingdom not all food is sacred, the "what's yours is mine" mentality is alive and well, and before I knew it I was protecting my bowl from other cats (one was wearing a tuxedo), a hedge-hog and those crazy birds.

I know what you're thinking, why did M put my Friskies outside. I think it was because she didn't want the land-lady to know that I'd been adopted.  For some reason this guy M knows thinks she kidnapped me, that's insane, I mean wouldn't I have a ransom note or something, like give me a million bucks (at least) and I'll give your cat back kind of thing?

Anyway back to the point, Friskies.

So far, and I'm counting I've had at least 2,190 bowls of Friskies and at around 6 o'clock tonight it'll go up to 2,191

Yours in Friskies
Minnie Moo

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