Monday, 12 March 2012

Minnie Moo Brave-Cat Brave-Heart

The three of us sat huddled together planning our visit to the Hawk family lucky for me I was sitting down as my little legs were overcome with nerves and got a bad case of the trembles. If I'd been standing I would've toppled over by now.

It was at that moment I had my one and only fleeting dark thought, hmmmm it’s ok for you Mr T your collar cone will keep you safe. Look at it! It's so wide there’s just no way Hawk claws can stretch all the way to grab hold before plucking you away to never to be seen again land. As for Mayor Thumper, well at the first sign of danger no doubt she’ll just dig herself a hole and bolt into the safety of one of the many underground tunnels.

Well as for me, I’ll be the one left all alone and exposed, just me, Minnie Moo against a low flying hungry Hawk. I didn’t even have a song and dance routine up my sleeve to use as a distraction. What chance did I have? I could see it now if worse came to worse I would definitely be the main course on the Hawk tasting platter.

Oh boy we needed a full proof plan.

Once again, Mayor Thumper took control after all she knew the village like the back of her big floppy ears and this knowledge was vital in our planning of what route to take.

“Right she said, at least we don’t have to worry about planning the village fête tomorrow night, the little village pawty planning committee has that side all under control. In celebration of our community spirit our mission is to invite the currently disruptive Hawk’s to the party and convert them to friends instead of them seeing us as yummy treats for the buffet table.”

Looking to us, she said, “So any ideas anyone? No, Minnie Moo, I can read your mind, we can’t back out now, all the little village anipals are counting on us to return them to their homes and their beloved village to it’s pre-Hawk glory days.”

Hey I might be a scaredy cat but I’m not a chicken!

Mr T what do you think? “Well first up I think we all need to wear protective clothing or be under some sort of shelter. If we leave ourselves exposed we’ve got no chance of surviving this mission, in fact we’ll be on the buffet like it or not!”

Feeling a little miffed about the chicken thing, I piped up, “yes my thinking exactly, I couldn’t agree more we need to get under a box!” 

“Mmmmm said Mayor Thumper, that’s an excellent idea. If we all travel under a giant box together and poke seeing-eye holes through the sides that might do the trick. The only problem is I hop and you both walk so we’d need a box that’s going to be just the right size to make room for my jumping." 

Feeling unlike a chicken I bravely ventured, Look to the left there’s a giant box! It looks light enough for us to easily crawl under and even better, how about we get one of the anipals to jump on top of the box and draw a big landing circle and in the middle write in big letters “HAWKS LAND HERE? Then when the Hawk lands we’ll be able to talk through the safety of our little holes."

I finished by confidently adding, “there’s no chance even a monster sized Hawk with a super large claw span would be able to pick up that box. It’s so big it’s like a box mountain!”

In unison Mr T and Mayor Thumper said, “terrific Minnie Moo we like your thinking! So all things going to plan when the Hawk is on of the box what do we say?

"Just leave it to me, I said with my best thinking cap on, I’m going to put on my best diplomat voice and just like the United Nations ask for peace.”

“Ok Minnie Moo that sounds like a fool-proof plan we’ll back you up every step of the way, or in my case, said Mayor Thumper, every hop of the way."

The little anipal grapevine was working overtime as before we could say "Peter Rabbit" two bunny rabbits with a marker pen each were on top of the box drawing a landing pad circle and writing out in neat paw-writing “HAWKS LAND HERE.”

As if that wasn’t enough, just like in the movie BRAVE-CAT, all the other little village anipals went two by two under their own boxes to form one long box congo line behind our gi-normous box. Together they squeaked and miaowed at the top of their voices "there’s safety in numbers!" 

Under the expert guide of their fearless leader and with Mayor Thumper giving directions we walked and hopped in our box congo line towards our destination, the third tree from the left, home of the family Hawk.

By letting go of my fear but keeping hold of my brave heart I quickly cat-a-pult-ed through the ranks from Seeing-Eye Cat to me, Minnie Moo Fearless Leader of the anipals from Little Village.  

Yours in Friskies Minnie Moo

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