Monday, 26 March 2012

Minnie Moo's a Hero

Unlike the glum walk out to the 3rd tree on the left home of the Hawk family, our return journey to Little Village was filled with fun and laughter. Arriving safely home we all rushed to get out from under our boxes to begin our victory celebrations.

The air was buzzing with excitement as paws collided in hi-paw congratulations! Soon the anipals broke into a loud boisterous chorus that traveled happily along the early evening airwaves, 
“Give me an M – M! 
Give me an innie-innie! 
Give me an M – M! 
Give me an oo-oo! 
What’ve we got? Minnie Moo!”

Even the crickets traded their usual summer chirp to join in the chant. 

Feeling puffed up with pride the three of us jumped up on top of our hawk-pecked box and looked out as the awesome anipals continued to cheer. Basking in the glory of the happy occasion Mayor Thumper slowly raised her paw to silence the crowd.

“We’ll all remember this day for the rest of our lives and no doubt our adventurous story will be enjoyed by generations to come. Today you all showed the world the true meaning of community spirit and now thanks to you Little Village is once again, our safe little haven. Our home has been returned. 

"Mr T and Minnie Moo came from all the way over there to warn us of the Hawk Family danger. Casting their own fears aside, they did it because they cared and wanted to do the right thing for Little Village, in doing so they taught us all a valuable lesson, it's always ok to do the right thing. So let's do the right thing by giving them the biggest ever thank you, ready 1,2,3 THANK YOU!” 

When Mr T stepped forward the cheering could be heard twice, it was so loud it bounced off the nearby hills to be sound again. 

“Thank you, thank you, we're honoured and love your appreciation but please stop, it’s too much!” Slowly but surely the cheers silenced and Mr T continued, 

“Before we set off on our journey Minnie Moo confided he suffered terribly from a severe case of Hawk-o-phobia, the mere mention of the bird sent him into a shaky and shivering mess. Yet he successfully faced his fear and confronted his worse nightmare and we all know how the story ended! But another challenge was awaiting, as you can see my neck cone makes it impossible for me to look in any direction other than straight ahead, Minnie Moo was tasked with the very important job of being my seeing-eye cat and let's just say he's a champion, his vision is perfect, it's 20/20!

Pawsing Mr T, went on,

“Mr Hawk was a bully because he thought that’s the way for a mighty Hawk to behave. He believed this was the only way to show off his menacing power. Now not only is he a powerful fantastical bird, he has our respect too. So let's put our paws together to give ourselves and our brave courageous Minnie Moo a round of appawse!"

So loud was the appawse I was later told it could be heard as far away as the Pussy Foot Inn. 

Looking over all the cute-as-a-button faces I was overcome with pride and while holding back the water-works threatening to burst from my eyes I yelled out three simple words; “We did it!” 

“Without you and our congo line of bravery we would have never succeeded! Now go home get some sleep for tomorrow’s a busy day, there’s boxes to return and a pawty to plan!” 

The anipals erupted in unison, Pawty! Pawty! Pawty!

It wasn’t long before tired yawns and shuffling paws could be heard. Bedtime was calling. Even Mayor Thumper burrowed in for a good nights sleep.

Crawling back under our box Mr T and I let out a long exhausted sigh it wasn’t long before a wave of sleepiness swept over us and sent us drifting off towards Catnap Island.

Your in friskies Minnie Moo
The tail of the hawk continues read more here tanks! 


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