Wednesday, 7 March 2012

Minnie Moo & Mr T meets the Anipals of Little Village

For the first few moments we didn't say anything as after-all we were in the presence of a rather large rabbit with a really impressive title, Mayor Thumper.  Ever the professional Mr T found his words to say, “yes, we’d really like to help you put together a plan to stop the Hawk family menacing Little Village and scaring all the little anipals out from the safety of their own homes. Before I go on perhaps we should introduce ourselves?”

“Excellent idea,” said Mayor Thumper as she thumped her tail in agreement.

“Well I’m Mr Tuxedo or Mr T for short and this is my cat buddy Minnie Moo, we live in two separate houses way over there down the gully and up the hill. Don’t let my rather large collar fool you, it’s not part of my coat. My really brainy anipal doctor has told me I have to wear it to help me heal and stop me scratching.”

“That’s ok Mr T said Mayor Thumper I’ve seen plenty of collars and from what I hear they’re itchy and the only choice is to look straight ahead! Oh boy I’m getting off track, now about the Hawk family?”

We all hung our heads and pondered this very delicate yet incredibly dangerous situation. Silence hung as we were lost in our thoughts about what to do and what was best for everyone who lived in Little Village. Word soon spread that something was going on as before we could say “Peter Rabbit” a menagerie of little anipals surrounded us.

They’d all come out of hiding to show their support and to let us know how protective they all were of their Little Village. From where I was sitting it looked like one of those flash mobs I’ve seen on you tube except without the dancing. Here we were having a flash meeting. Mayor Thumper soon called us all to order with a thump of her tail.

“Anipals of Little Village we’re honoured to have with us Mr T and Minnie Moo from all the way, way over there. They’ve come a long way to warn us of their belief a Hawk family has moved into the third tree from the left.”

Together they all sing-songed, "Yes! That’s right! I’ve seen them with my very own eyes fly high in the sky."

“Now as we all know this to be true we’re now working on a plan in the hope we might all be able return to living in peace and harmony above ground instead of hiding in the damp dark underground.”

Once again I heard the collective voice chorus “Yes! that’s right we want peace and harmony!”

“Mr T and Minnie Moo have come up with a plan of the top three things we could do. Now all we need to do is decide on the one thing.”

1.  We create a no-fly zone over Little Village meaning the Hawks are only allowed to fly around the outside of the outskirts of the village.
2.   We move our little village and build again in the tiny field just behind the Pussy Foot Inn.
3.   We invite the Hawk Family to join our local village fĂȘte and welcome them as part of our community.

In a loud clear voice only slightly muffled by the cone Mr T said “we’d like YOU as villagers to decide on what should be done!”

After what seemed like one really long hour filled with loads of hearty debate Mayor Thumper had listened to what everyone had to say and after a while brought the meeting back to order, saying confidently, “Villagers you have chosen well, imagine if we had of chosen number one we'd forever be prisoners in our Little Village and worse still, if we did cross the border over to the other side a Hawk could very well then legally swoop down to take us to never-be-seen-again land."  

She went on, “we’ve all said NO! to packing up our lives and building again in a place we don’t know or love. Little Village is our home, it’s where we have our roots and eat roots too.”

“Number 3 it is! Everyone loves a party, after this meeting I’m going with Mr T and Minnie Moo to visit the Hawk family home and invite them to our local village fĂȘte tomorrow night.”

Gulp, was that my name I just heard? Are you sure you want me to come? You know two’s company three’s a crowd and all that? My thoughts must have echoed into Mr T’s collar cone as he said “Minnie Moo remember this mission was to also help you let go of your hawk-o-phobia. Now it’s your time to raise to the occasion, feel the fear and do it anyway!”

I remembered reading that line in a book somewhere and also of the time a wise old cat once said to me, F.E.A.R is Failure Emerging As Reality. Right then and there I wished it meant Friskies Emerging As Reality!

Yours in friskies Minnie Moo
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